Thursday, January 1, 2015

Year end snow...

While watching the news and the weather forecaster said there was a chance of snow where we live, we kinda all got excited...
The last time it snowed here was November 2004. I even tried to stay awake...projected time was about 10:00pm, but midnight came and still nothing so I figured I was safe to dose off..
I woke up and still heard what I thought was rain, so I packed it all up and went up stairs. Thought I would check out back one last time and this is what I saw.

Holy crap! It really did snow!! I was so excited I ran out front to make sure.
There were people already in the park yelling and screaming and kids making snowmans..

Yep! Went back to the backyard..

Still snowing!... Freezing my butt off now, cause I'm just in my sweats...I ran inside to watch..did that for over 3 hours and it never stopped. I went to bed. Got up with Mark about 5:30.. And watched some more and was in total aww to watch the sun come up and the awesome scenery that was all around me.
Gorgeous!! Just GORGEOUS!!!

Stayed pretty cold all day long. I still have mounds of snow in my back yard today and my little snowman I made still is in perfect form.

I am thankful I had no where to go and I could just sit, admire and take the whole thing in. Mark, on the other hand..had to take a whole new way into work because they shut the freeway down. So icy, cars were sliding all over the roads. See here, we see snow once every ten years it seems and we don't have the machinery here to help us out. By afternoon, we were all back to normal... Snow was everywhere, but roads were fine.

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