Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project boards....

I made up 8 project boards on Monday (along with a gazillion other projects)
Here's how...
Went down to Michaels, bought some foam boards..actually I got precut ones, same price and I didn't have to cut anything. Sprayed 1 side with adhesive glue, took some scraps of my batting I had, put it down, flipped sticky side of board on top. Cut extra batting off.
Cut -2, 21/2" strips of fabric, pieced together, ironed in half, opened it, ironed ea side into middle. Hot glued them onto edge of foam board. I glued edge, then went back and did front, and back. Be careful!!! Hot glue gun WILL melt the skin right off your arm if you are stupid enough to get it in the way.. 😬

TA DA!!! Project boards for you to lay your squares out and work/play with any fabric just the way you want. And you can stack them on top of ea other and move them anywhere you want.

My next set is going to be like 12"square so they will fit into my travel bins!, good idea!? Ya!!

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