Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Definitely Spring time....

These are my epiphileums (sp) (I'm too lazy to look up the correct spelling) that bloom overnight and last less than 24 hrs..
They are just beautiful!!!
Yellow ones are smaller... About 5" wide... These smell wonderful!!!

Red ones... Smallest is 8" wide...I have had some up to 10"... These ones do no have any scent.

I have bought different colors of cuttings at the wild animal park. They haven't bloomed yet.. So ...we'll see what colors come out in the weeks to come. They may not bloom this year they are pretty small still.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Burp cloth tutorial...

Found this awesome tutorial on a blog... These will make a GREAT baby gift! Check out her blog... Lots of other ideas too!


This is so easy it's going to knock your socks off.
Buy cloth diapers. I found these at Target.

I always wash and dry them before I start sewing to pre-shrink.

Then measure the space that you are going to want covered by fabric.
I think I chose to make my cover 4" x 17".

Now you will need a really high-tech tool called a cereal box.
Cut your rectangular template to your desired size.
Find a cute piece of fabric slightly larger than your template.

Cut it down to about 3/4" bigger on every side.
Put the template shiny side up on the back side of your fabric.
Spray a little starch all around the edges.

Press all sides down over the edge of the template.
I love this method because I don't have to use that little slidy-sewing ruler.
Much, much faster and with a nice crisp edge.
Carefully tuck the edges in slightly on the ends, so they won't stick out when you sew them down.

Remove the template and save it. I've used mine over and over.

Pin the fabric right side up to the cloth diaper.
Carefully sew down the outside edges.
If you want to embellish a little, now's your chance.

(You could also tuck ric-rac or something under before you sew down your fabric.)
I like using grosgrain ribbon because it only requires strait lines and has a nice finished look.
Tuck the raw edges under and pin in place.
Sew all edges down, just like the fabric.

And that's it! You're done!
Now you can make dozens of them and impress all your friends
at baby showers with your amazing domestic skills!
And remember, don't stress too much about perfection.
Their main purpose after all is to clean-up curdled baby barf.
But that baby's mother will thank you for giving her such a
stylish accessory to protect her formerly spotless clothes.

You could also make a coordinating diaper clutch.
Wouldn't that be fancy?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Birthday wishes...

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband Mark.... The man who can do or fix just about anything!!
Love you lots !
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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I turned 50 this last week, and I have to say... So far, 50 is just a fabulous!

My husband is the best....
He gave me a book.. Said happy birthday on cover. Opened it up, there was a list of other things that were 50... Lava lamp, general hospital, etc...next page...
50th state is Hawaii.... And I'M GOING!!!
Holy CRAP! For real?? Yep.... In June, I will be making my 1st trip to Hawaii...
isn't he the best... He's a keeper for sure!
Thanks honey!!

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