Sunday, October 14, 2018

HOT Fair and Rodeo...

Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo took place here in Waco Texas this past week. 
At my first quilt guild meeting I attended a couple weeks ago, they were looking for quilt entries for the fair. I was talked into it. I have never, ever entered any quilt guilds or fairs before. This is a first. 
The entry fees that are required all go to scholarships for the kids. There is a small amount of money you do get if you are lucky enough to win.
So I entered 3 quilts. 3 different categories, to support the kids. 

I was pretty lucky...3 First place wins. (There were not very many quilts entered at all.)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

On to the next one...

I must have been in a ‘star’ mode before we moved because this is the next quilt up on the block. I really do like stars though, so I’m sure it was a no brainer. 
These little 51/2” beauties... I need a whole bunch of them.
These I timed it. I lay out 9 sets on a board and chain piece them. I can wizz through all 9 in about 35 mins. I can do it while listening to the tv in the background. It’s free Starz & I think TMC weekend. So, movies it is. 
Here is the last one all binded.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A finish....

Star Crossed quilt is officially finished in piecing and now has moved to the next pile. This photo was taken in the shade...

And this one in the sun. 

When I had the pieces to each block set out and ready to sew, it took about 20 mins to put together. No less. But if the pieces weren’t correct and I had to go cut more or change out colors because of the directions, it took more than 30. I did them in sets of 5, laid them out and made sure all the correct pieces were there. Put them on my boards and they were ready to go, that alone took a lot of time. The 20 mins, that’s  not even ironing in between, just straight sewing. Times that by 42.  Yuck!
I love to do blocks that have a lot of pieces that are mindless sewing... but these, I had to be on my toes and thinking the whole time. At one time,  I actually thought of putting like a 6-7” border on it and scalloped edges.. nope.. not gonna happen. The directions finish it as it is... 
It gets no sashing, borders or anything else. It’s done!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

This and that...

House hunting and trying to keep up on projects...
Power washing everything. Greenhouse, tennis courts, patios, walkways... everything needed a cleaning.

Finished the binding on this one...

2 weeks of blocks...

Moda Blockheads are all caught up...

These stupidly insane blocks... 10 more to do than I can put them together. Once I re-wrote the pattern instructions it made it a little easier. Still stupid!

Quilted this one up..just needs binding.. it’s a Bonnie Hunter Quiltville Mystery called “On Ringo Lake”. Made it from scraps I had... ran out of a few colors and had to improvise. Also had to make it smaller for that reason, I didn’t want to go buy any. 

Used extra squares and pieces for the backing.
It might happen today, but I’m getting ready to pick up sticks in front field and I’m also ‘dog sitting’ Kelly’s dogs... tomorrow (thurs)is yard work day if it doesn’t rain. 
I’m dog sitting again tomm afternoon also. So.... it will get done...eventually!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sew a long....

Here is another mystery sew along that I participated in.

Fort Worth Studio Fabric hosted this one... it wasn’t half as bad as the other one.

At least I plan on finishing this one up. It will have an orange binding. On the small side, I’ll use it on the table. I think it’s like 34” square.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday finish...

Northwoods Memories Quilt I....

It is a Wellington House Designs pattern. Measures 32x41”

I started stitching this many, many years ago... pieced up it this past year and quilted it up last week.

They had me print out patterns on a fusible/wash away interfacing. You iron it on fabric and wash it away after it’s stitched. It wasn’t stitching the way I like it so I set it aside. I didn’t care for it and won’t use it again. 
Here’s a close up. Don’t look too close... it was one of my first stitcheries. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018


Found this panel at the quilt store couple weeks ago, I’m not working now so I didn’t need it, so I passed. Kelly saw a picture on Facebook and said... I want this! So back to the store I went.

Quilted them up on the Bernina.. added binding and ta-da...

2 panels came together, maybe John John will want one to learn his states.

Here’s the backing... just too cute!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Halloween mystery sew along...

The Quilting Company had a Halloween Mystery the last 5 weeks and I thought... what a great idea to use the little fabric I had for this holiday. I don’t have that many Halloween quilts, cool. So, I tried it... I should have known better... I’ve been burned by quilting mysteries that turned out horrible. So now I know. DON’T DO IT!

Here it is turned both ways... not sure what side is up or down. 

They say those are suppose to be spider webs... not to me. Maybe bats in between??? I just don’t know. Doesn’t even look like Halloween at all! Except for the fabric. 
They look like something from science.. like Star Wars or something. Reminds me of a ride at Disneyland that they signs posted throughout. 
I am stupidly doing 2 other mystery sew alongs... I am like 5 weeks in also.. can’t back out now. 1 of them is another Halloween one also. 
Oh boy.... we shall see.... I’ll be sure to tell you how they turned out. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Demo day....

It was demo day at Kelly’s house yesterday.
This was the before...
A horrible, horrible shed that needed to come down years ago.
This is now...

Man.... Chip makes demo day look so easy. NOT!
We still have to take the flooring up today. Have to work around thunderstorms though. 
The after I will show you when the new shed gets delivered. Won’t be for a few weeks. She needed to do this a long time ago. I am sooo happy for her. 
NOW.... I have to get ready for the lady to come hook the brains up to my Avante. (Sewphie) I stole (copied) her name from a friend who lives in CA. 
Yes, I splurged! Still in shock, hasn’t really hit me yet what I did. So I’m not that excited yet. Maybe by the end of the day. Happy retirement to me!