Friday, December 7, 2018

I did it!

With only losing an inch! 1 inch at the bottom. I stared at this for a couple days thinking of how the heck I was going to do this...

I sewed on and added a leader and a ender to the backing...

I only lost an inch that I had to cut off. PHEW!

She was very excited. She thought she was going to lose 3” all around... she was a happy camper!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


2 charity quilts quilted up for the local quilt guild. Next door cat, Eggnog, decided he wanted in on the fun.

Front and back on both of them.

Here is a panel of a red truck that my sister sent to me.
Absolutely in love with it!

Then a client asked if I could do a Harry Potter baby quilt with minky backing.
Hope she likes it, if not, it’s going on Etsy tomorrow. That’s about it. I have another clients quilt getting ready for quilting this week. It’s gonna be a tough one. Backing is not big enough and she knew it, said she was just gonna CUT the quilt down. What she doesn’t realize is I need that extra backing to put it on the frame.... wish me luck!

Part 2...

More catching up... I sewed up a FREE sew a long from Carina Gardner. She had posted it on her Instagram account for 1 week. I call it the Wonky Christmas Tree pattern.

The 2 trees out front turned to Fall overnight it seemed like.

I finished quilting this one up..

Then I had the Grandson here for a week and I found these awesome cookies that he could paint and still be edible. He had a blast. 

We went to Christmas on 5th Street at Baylor and they had a TON of things to do for everyone.. hit for John John was Polar Express exhibit. 

It was just like a huge playground for kids of all ages. Even adults. We took him home this past weekend and Mark built a Murphy Bed for them for Christmas.  I don’t have a picture. 
Then we ended the weekend with Church and a got a picture of their family with Santa. Think that’s it. I sewed and quilted more things but need to take pictures.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

So far behind...

Looking back at my pictures... I am so far behind. So I’ll do them a couple at a time. Went to the Silos to visit Santa...

Just beautiful....

Ran into Jimmy Don... he told us that Chip and Joanna have bought buildings (BLOCKS )around the Silo’s. So it should be a shoppers paradise coming in near future!

Went to Abilene last weekend and took a walk with John John and Kelly... cotton farms have replaced all the corn fields... really pretty.
Aren’t these just the cutest!

Can’t wait for January to come!

That should do it for tonight... I’ll try again tomorrow for more.. have the boy here so it will be challenging to get my iPad away from him.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Busy weekend...

At the last minute, I decided to go to Houston. Wasn’t sure if it would work. If I brought Mark with me, who would watch our dog. If I was in a pinch Kelly could but not my first option. If I brought Kelly, then who would watch her dogs? Hmmm.. Mark is not really their favorite person. So I have a neighbor friend that does rag quilts and was up for a field trip. 
We left Friday morning, got there about 11:30 thanks to wonderful Houston traffic and road construction. 
This picture is just 1/4 of the vendors... there was a whole other half of the building of just quilts. Over 1500 quilts on display and I believe they said the same for vendors. 
Had an awesome time. 

There is no way I could post all the quilts i like, but here are a few.

After 7 hours of walking we needed drinks and food! Almost 6 miles were walked! Bought lots of items, rulers, quilt kits, fabric, thread... a whole bunch of stuff! Phew!
My neighbor is already talking of plans for next year and staying more than 1 day! She loved it and was overwhelmed ..We had a blast!!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Finished a couple quilts this week...
This was Head over Heels. Instead of trying to be all organized I just decided to chain stitch EVERYTHING and sort it after. Worked perfect! Finished in a day. 
Then the Quilt Show quilt a long, with Ricky Tim’s... is an Edyta Sitar quilt..we are on month 11 and they gave directions on putting it together so I don’t know what month 12 has in store. I couldn’t take a picture because of the rain and wet grass but this is what it looks like off the website. 
Mine looks just the same. I machine appliqu├ęd the designs on.  Looks fabulous. So that’s 2 more quilts added to the long arm pile. 

Timeless Traditions had a giveaway on her blog and I won this. She described the quilt and said the first person to email her would be the winner. I am almost positive it’s the quilt pattern. No way would someone give away such a gorgeous quilt. A girl can wish though. I better get my red fabric out!
Then, Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts posted a picture of a darling pumpkin sitting on top of her quilts... I loved it so much, I made my own. My new friend here in Texas has a cricuit and I asked her if she could make the decals. (Actually her husband made them)Whoala!! I love it! Plastic pumpkin came from Joann’s.  70% off. 
Tomorrow am I am off to Houston Quilt Festival. I’ll be back Sat afternoon.  I’m super excited.  

Monday, November 5, 2018

Head over Heels...

I fell in love with this one when I saw it on Instagram. 
Thought it would go together quickly, but... it really isn’t.  
The navy dots is pretty much is easy..

This one, not so much... it’s pretty tricky. Looks like it would.. but the stripes... eek!
I’ve done a lot of un-stitching... maybe I’m just not focused. 4 down, 26 to go! And 1 mistake block I’ll use for the label. Haha. 
The floral I got for the back is just scrumptious.. can’t wait!
Then as I was doing it... I took a break and looked at Instagram.  Stitchsupplyco was looking for donations of heart blocks in 2 sizes  (cluck cluck sew pattern) donated  in Girl Scout green colors  for the families of the tragic Girls Scout accident. They are looking into making 4 quilts for the families of the girls. So, I stopped everything and unpacked fabric to make these. 
I had 2 pieces, this one with the stars and then a plain piece that was a little boring. So I did a couple extra. 3, 5 1/2” and 2, 10 1\2” (unfinished). Breaks my heart.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


I went to see Jenny on the road... Jenny Doan from Missouri Quilt Co. she was here in Waco. This was the line in front, line behind went all way around the building. I bought tickets about a month ago.

Here we go!

She was the most amazing person! I had no idea she was a comedian. It was an amazing show. I highly recommend you go to see her if she’s near your town. It was just the Best! I forgot to snap pictures during her trunk show.. too busy laughing.
Then I was in the best sewing mood, so I came home and quilted this guy up.
Did a chevron pattern I love how it turned out.
Funny thing about sunlight... look at this.. 

One was taken with sunlight behind, the other in front.
The fabric is Kim Deihl fabrics so really either picture doesn’t show the true colors. The closest one to would probably be the first one taken inside the house showing the backing/design.

Thursday, October 25, 2018


Finished quilting “Sparklers”...

Used a wave’s in the dryer now getting all crinkly.....
For those who didn’t see my Facebook post on my daughter Kelly, she dressed up as a lion tamer for Red Ribbon Week at her school. It was a circus theme and she rocked it!

She loves having me here to do her costumes for these types of things. She just loves her job!