Monday, September 25, 2017

Uh oh.... oops!!

This was a first...
When quilting, of course you lay it all out, make sure it everything is big enough, load it up and start quilting. I know I did that but look...

Got to the end, and I was SHORT batting... that's a first for me!

About 10" at that! Did some finagling and it all worked out. Shoved a piece in there, quick little stitches to hold in place and whoa-la...Phew.


Missed another homespun quilt that never got photographed. 

This is Bonnie Hunters pattern and it's huge! Extra long.
It is extra long, I think I made it for the twin bed to be used as a blanket. You know, where it's long enough and it can snuggle up around your neck to where you don't pull it untucked from the bottom. 

I think I may still have 2 more that missed the photo opp. I'll keep looking...

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Here it is all washed and crinkly.
And then the housekeeper...
First let me say... my house is not dirty in no way... 
They showed up about 11:00 for the first cleaning (deep cleaning) and did not leave till after 6:00. There were 3 of them coming and going throughout the day, the whole time. Have no idea why.. I didn't ask. 
They did everything! Very professional. She's a keeper!
Then my hand... surgery was wonderful... still sore.. working on strength and flexibility now. Still off work, I feel good but there is a major project going on at work and I know I will screw my hand up if I try to do my job right now. 
For anyone who is thinking or procrastinating about getting carpal tunnel release surgery done... do it. Night and day with results. I can't wait till get the left one done.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


When I was cleaning up, I found this quilt and realized I never took a picture of it.

It's a mixture of leftover shirts from my dad and father-in-law and then some shirts I got at goodwill.
Then there's even some fabric from my stash that I had been collecting over the years.

It being washed as I type. And of course... it's Lolli approved!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

House cleaner #2...

Well, the first one was a dud! She showed up late that should have tipped me off. There were A LOT of things not dusted. I noticed after she left, she didn't even picked things up and dust underneath. She used her little wand and went around things. I do that when in between my deep cleaning days. Didn't even go in laundry room. I'm sorry, this is decorated and used just as much as any other room in my house. My clothes come outa here, it better be clean.
I also noticed as walking around the bottom of my socks were black. I really don't think she mopped either. If she did, she used dirty water. I know I didn't see her pick up the chairs and go underneath. Grrrr
Then I go to jump in the shower.... SHE DIDNT CLEAN MY SHOWER!!!!! 
Oh boy, she's gone. See ya!
Today I'm trying #2. She was the one I wanted originally, I thought she was expensive but I calculated wrong on my part. 
So, we shall see how she does. I have good vibes today. Let's see how she does.
Cross your fingers.

Monday, September 18, 2017


I'm going through quilting withdrawals while here on recovery. Keep looking at all my blogs I follow trying to get some new ideas and it's making me sad knowing I can't get in there and cut some fabric up and sew yet.
So I went in my room and pulled this one outside to get a picture of it. 

Started to fold it up and I turn around and there is Lolli, laying on it getting some sunshine.
Guess she thought I put it out there for her. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


The last time my daughter-in -law was here, she discovered these little crackers from a friend.

Since she lives in Texas, she asked us to run to Costco to get some because that's where her friend got them. Costco didn't have them and the manager said no one near us had any either. So good ol' Mark... not wanting to disappoint... got on the internet and found the cookies for her.

I looked at the invoice and it was just shy of $40 for 2! HOLY CRAP! 
They came in the mail, box was cover with like foreign languages. Philapeno, Japanese.. who knows...
The quantity... 2 packages, with 5 in each. Phew! Works out to about $3.00 a box.
Opened one, ate it, 2, the same, and so on. These are HIGHLY addictive. If you ever see them in Costco, grab them...
I'm gonna look for a little Philapeno market.. if that's what there called.. I could be wrong... but I bet they will have them. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This happened today.
Right carpel tunnel release. 

Surgery was about 8 minutes they say. Don't remember a thing. Hand is still numb, will be for a couple days. Been sleeping all day long, that's good because I didn't sleep at all night before. 

Lollipop has not left my side. Mark is taking great care of me. I'll keep you posted. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

House cleaner....

It's been over 20 years since I have had a house cleaner. I'm old... tired of cleaning... DEEP cleaning. I went for it! 
She is here now doing the DEEP cleaning and then back every 2 weeks. I am now looking forward to my weekends that I usually am cleaning one of those days. So I took the day off to be here, being her 1st time ... so I washed blankets, rugs, curtains.. I have NEVER done so much laundry that didn't involve clothes. Can't wait till it's all done. Then I'll have to figure out what to bring home for dinner because, I just can't dirty that kitchen on the same day! Hahhaha