Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lizzie’s Legacy...

This is a Moda pattern by Betsy Chuchian. Called Lizzie’s Legacy.
I posted it on Instagram, so some of you have already seen it. It measures 90x90. First quilt on the machine in Texas.. I think it turned pretty cute. There’s an oopsie in it, the quilting part...but oh well.. still will keep you one will ever know..
This is the closest I have come to running out of thread...

Working now on a 4th of July quilt...actually 2! let’s see if I can get it done...

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


We hit the zoo yesterday...

He LOVES all the zoo’s. So Gamma and Gampy had to buy Grandparents passes. Who knew they had such a thing!
Today we went the the Maybourne children’s museum. We bought grandparent’s passes  here also. They have a Titanic exhibit going on here until January. We will go back when he is not here. Can’t wait for that. We always seemed  to miss it when it was on display in Long Beach.

2 stories of like 20 different rooms for kids to play and interact in. Plus there was a village out back you could discover how things looked many years ago. Real houses, church, school house and about 10 other buildings.

Then at the end of each day, we have to swim...

Kelly comes over, brings her 2 dogs, we eat dinner out back, swim some more, take all 3 dogs for a walk, bath time, ice cream... tonight he decided to pass on his story at bedtime. He told me he was too tired!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Baby quilt...

I came across this super cute and easy baby quilt...
It is from a blog called “Mack and Mabel”. Although she hasn’t posted anything recent in over a year.. and searched her blog for 4patch baby quilt, I think it was and it popped up. Although, I couldn’t get the directions to download, prob because it’s so old, it’s pretty easy to figure out. It would be nice to print it just to remind me that i have the pattern, but oh well. I love the hand stitching in the blocks! It would be super cute in pink too, or just generic colors also. So many possibilities!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Homestead Heritage...

Took a break from cleaning and took Our first field trip...
Homestead Heritage.. has a little of everything. Homestead craft village at Brazo’s De Dios.
Started off with breakfast at Cafe Homestaed.
The barn, gifts and fine furniture.

I think this will be on my to do list...

Blacksmith Shop..
Homestead Gristmill
With working water wheel..

1st time I’ve ever been in a cheese cave.. 17 stairs down into a cave...

Granary, syrup mill, Potter’s House, herb garden, basket shop, farm, fiber crafts, woodworking school... and so much more.. amazing place.. the grounds were gorgeous.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Thanks for the Memories...

Work ended for me Friday, May 18th. 27 years with the School District has come to an end. Everyone at work had a luncheon for me.

My co-worker, Penny Cook ended her 20 year shift also. 

She’s going on a cruise...and I have my bags packed and have moved to Texas to be with my kids and grand kids.

The tables were all decorated...
And lunch was served. 

It has been a wild ride for all these years... I have seen the district go through some great changes and not so great changes. I am glad I chose to leave this year.

I feel sorry for the sub that is filling in for me.
They have adopted a new Language Arts program, and this was delivered the day before I left. Yikes!

Saturday, April 21, 2018


5 mins here, 5 mins there... in between packing, my goal was to finish it before before I had to pack my machine away.

Quilting is done. It’s weird that each picture was taken minutes within each other and the colors are so off. The one laying on grass are the true colors.

I put this together last year.... and it moved from pile to pile, then hung for a while.. pattern in middle is not that dense but looking at the back it is ver scrunchy looking. I echoed the border, which took FOR-EV-ER!

It’s a Kim Diehl free pattern. I made it with leftover fabrics from another quilt. This label, to me looks like a badge! It was a leftover from the front flowers.

So now it’s done.

Sunday, April 8, 2018


When we get to Texas, this is the house we will be staying at until we figure out where we want to settle down.
It belongs to my daughters ‘Texas Family’. Both parents have passed away within 1 1/2 yrs of each other and here it sits empty for the last year. It needs help and they are hoping we can bring some life back to it.

These are just some of the pictures...

Things have died off... some have over grown... and a lot of cleaning is needed.
It’s a beautiful piece of land.. 60+ acres...
Here is the work shop...
The garage..

I can’t wait to get there and help this wonderful family bring their parents house back to life.
Here is Kim’s house (daughter) who is my daughters friend.

They have about 5 family homes scattered throughout the property along with ‘Scott Airport’ landing strip.
And all over their property are blue bonnets!
Can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Waco, Tx...

We did the Waco run today...
Started out with breakfast.. at Chip and Joana Gaines (Fixer Upper) Magnolia Table

The wait was 1 1/2 hrs so we got a warm beverage to drink while we waited and the toured the take away portion of the place.

It was CHILLY..... wow!

Absolutely gorgeous restaurant. The food was spectacular! Home made tater tots, avocado toast, peppered bacon and biscuits and gravy. I didn’t take a actual photo of the inside.. I was in awe... and then Jo’s Mom came in and walked right by us! Our food was delivered in like 8 mins also.

Look at the bathroom!!

Then we went over to the Silo’s.. the Findery & Findery II.

Drove by a couple fixer upper houses, Jimmy Don’s, lunch and then a stop at the store and then home. I’m pooped!