Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Baby quilt is done...

A co-worker is having a grand baby boy due in a couple of months and asked me if I would make a quilt for him. Daughter in law picked “woodland theme” to decorate the baby’s room.
She is an older friend, so I sat down with her and looked on Etsy and found some material to what she described. She picked it out, then I bought it for her.
She said she would pay me for everything. Materials, time and quilting.
I agreed, knowing that she has no idea what all goes into making and quilting a quilt.
11 hours later, plus material.. she has a quilt. There is no way I am going to charge her and if I was, she would be flabbergasted at how much it would really cost. She is the sweetest friend. Amazes me that people think we can just “whip” these up and the cost is not very much. If they only knew!
And the softest backing EVER!

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Went on the market Monday morning at 9:00, 4 hours later, a phone call.
That’s all it took! 60 days and we are on out way to Texas! Youza!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

A little early... I am...

Here it is...
Happy Halloween... by Amy Bradley designs. Measures about 56 1/2” x 66 1/2”.

Without the binding on. 
It sat on the machine for like 3 days. I couldn’t get the courage up to free motion quilt it. So I just did an all over pattern. So I quilted it up, put the binding on..Did the sew on binding with the accent color in it.
And here it is... backing is pretty cute also.

When you look at the over all quilt, the faces don’t look bad with all the quilting lines on it. One of these days, I’ll get the courage. I want to buy the right rulers and get a different foot for the machine before I attempt it.
Looks pretty cute. I need to sew on the button eyes, then it will be done!

Friday, March 9, 2018


Here it is! It’s for real now! We have climbed the mountain and it’s all down hill from here.
House hits the market next week. The photographer came and after 1 1/2 hrs of picture and drone taking we are ready to roll. My daughter in law snapped this picture while I was at work.
They have been here 2 weeks... and left this am.
Now I can get into my sewing rooms and start something up again.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Into the woods...

It’s finished!
It’s not the best of the best, but my UFO is done. It’s already to be quilted. That won’t happen for a while, it has to wait it’s turn in line. Family just left yesterday, more coming in tomorrow night. They are here till the 6th of March and then the house goes on the market. EEK! Not sure how much of a mess I can make when the realtor wants to show the house. Maybe when things settle down I can sneak in there and do some.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Family visits...

We had Marks nephew and his family come to visit. They traveled all the way from Connecticut. This was there 1st time to California and I think they had a great time with us. 
We had beautiful weather. They traveled to Calico ghost town, Joshua Tree, Julian.. just to name a few places. They love the outdoors so we showed them Santa Rosa Plateau.

It was just a gorgeous few days and they had a blast with us. We even got to visit family that they never met. You made Aunt Margie’s day!
Jordan, Jen, Ella... come visit us in Texas and we’ll show you another state you have never seen before. Have fun at Disneyland and the all the beach sites this week. Hope you don’t freeze!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Feathered star....

Did a sample block for a feathered star quilt I’m gonna be doing.
Here is the name of the pattern...
Here is what it’s gonna look like...
Here is the practice block I did...
It KICKED MY BUTT! I know how to do paper piecing. I’ve done a at least 4 quilts that way. I have no idea why this was so difficult. Took me almost 4 hours to do this one block! I believe this finishes at 12”. Not sure of what colors I’m going to do this quilt up as, I will have to see what I have the most of in my stash. 
I have a friend who lives out of state, her and I are going to do this together. Maybe a block every 2-3 weeks or so. I sure hope they get easier as I go.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


While packing, I came across a hand project that I started many, many years ago. Perfect timing.. I was looking for a hand project to do at night.
Thinking back... this was my FIRST hand stitch project to my knowledge. I only know that because the first block I found, needs to be redone. I took it to the “wool shop” in Temecula where I bought it and showed her and I remember asking her... what in the heck did I do wrong”? I believe her name was Rose... that shop has been closed about 3 years now.
There are a couple that could use a re-do, but I don’t have any more of the sticky stuff to print on.
It’s really neat stuff. You just put it in copier and it print the pattern on it. No more tracing. Then, when done, washes off with HOT water. I don’t want to buy a new package just for 1 square.
Here’s the square I’m working on now.
Here’s the ones I finished..
Don’t look too close, the ones that need to be re-done are on top and up close.
2 more to do..
And then there is one on ironing board ready to be pressed. Accomplished to finish a UFO that I didn’t know I had. That is the only one. I have MANY kits to do, but they don’t count as a  UFO because I haven’t even started them yet.
I have a new project to do after this, “Vintage Tin”, I just need to order some antique muslin. Maybe I need to make a trip to Primitive Gatherings.  darn!
I am also looking for yo-yo’s. I am planning on doing a quilt called “yoyoville” and it calls for a lot of yo-yo’s. Like 100’s! I have made some, but don’t want to make that many.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Lost one...

I found this in my pictures and realized I never posted it.

It is hanging on the railing upsatiars, just pulled it from the dryer and still a little damp. It was a popular pattern a year ago, couldn’t tell you the name off the top of my head. Packed all my patterns away already. Pattern came from a book I do know that.