Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christmas in July....

It's a finish..
It's called Fresh Cut Pines, and it's from a book called Winter Wonderland by Sherri Falls.
I had himmed and hawed (sp?) too long in this one. I fell in love when I first saw this made up, and took too long to get my butt in gear and decide to order the quilt kit, I just loved the fabrics they used so I wanted a kit. Searched for like a week to find a store that still had one and ordered it. Got it in the mail and they had substituted 3/4 of the fabrics. Tell me I wasn't pissed off! I wrote her a sternly worded letter because she showed all the fabrics I was looking for but sent me different and no notice what so ever. Just sorry, she said and that was all. Grrrr. 
So another week was spent trying to find the correct fabrics that I liked. So this quilt cost me double in price actually.
I just love the backing also. All the fabrics are Holly's Tree Farm collection by Sweetwater which is by Moda. It measures about 59x79 approx which is perfect to snuggle up on the couch with.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kitchen island.....

Painted the kitchen island last week. Here's a before and after.

The rest of the cabinets will be painted a cream color with a brown/black glaze on top.
We even put bead board on sides and back to give it a little extra pop.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Goodwill finds..

I am busy today, de-boning about 25 shirts.
Found out yesterday, by chance that at Goodwill, at least near me, has a special on Thursday's. Whatever the color for the day is on Thursday, all items are $1.00. 
Also.... Look at the cute scissors! Harbor Freight...$1.99! Bought 2 pairs, came home and spray painted the handles... Super cute! And really sharp too!
So.....I loaded up in shirtings and got a couple of wool jackets also.
My plan is to make this quilt from Fons and Porter.
I figure if Bonnie Hunter can make quilts from recycled shirts, so can I. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tractor Tuesday...

My little man is having his 2nd Birthday coming up and of course the theme is going to be tractors.
I'm working on a couple of projects now, and more are in the works for when we get to Texas.
I made a little banner for him.

Then of course Gramma & Grampy you have to dress the part.
I also made some table toppers from John Deer fabric. They are about 36"square to go on top of table cloths, but... They are up stairs and I'm down and too lazy to go take a picture. Haha.
Then since I had the embroidery machine going, I went ahead and made the label for his quilt.
Ready to be stitched down!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Farm fresh...

I tried something new. On a suggestion from a friend, I signed up for "farm fresh to you" delivery system. There are a whole bunch of different options/ types that you can choose from depending on what all you want. I chose a small one with a delivery of even 2 weeks. That's another option, you can do every week, every other week, 2 weeks, monthly.
You can customize it down to the very littlest thing. Up until like 24 hrs before delivery. So if your having family over or a party and you need extra stuff..add it in. I took out things I knew we wouldn't eat and put in things we would. Since it's just 2 of us, I picked the smaller option. It gets delivered after midnight and before 8:00 am. It was waiting for me at my door when I woke up. Now that's service!
And best of all, it's ALL organic and freshly picked day or two before delivery.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Here it is all finished. Machine appliquéd because my hand/wrists won't let me do more than like 3 stitches. Sideways view. Needs to be pressed and de-threaded & then moved on to the upstairs basket.
Dog tested and approved.
A little more of a close up.
Remember, all but a couple of tan and black squares and the border I added into it. All the rest was left over from Kim Deihl's quilt of the month from last year.

Friday, July 1, 2016


During summer time, this is a daily occurance here at out house.
Home made salsa...
It's the only way I can keep up on using the tomatoes, cilantro and peppers before they go bad.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Forgot one....

Forgot one...

Found this one laying in the piano bench, this came from the Kim Deihl BOM also.

So I'm thinking that 1 of the others is not from the club. Oh well. I think it was the one laying out with the flags in background. I kinda want to say that was a Pam Buda class. I have been good at labeling quilts lately,  maybe I should make a note on back of table toppers. Hmm.  Never thought of that till now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I had 3 weeks with my little man. Well, really 2, Mark had the 1st week while I finished up work. And boy do I miss him!
For someone who's life revolves around tractors these days... He was in awe of all the work that was going on at the neighbors house while he was here.
So in between naps and after he went to bed I was busy in my room just fooling around. 
A couple years ago, I signed up for one of the Kim Deihl "what-not" clubs. I think that's what it was called.
 I made these...

I had so mch fabric left over, I made this.
And it's not small either.
Then I looked at my fabrics I STILL had left over, and it was WAY too much still.
So, I made this.
Which is HUGE. Like 84x95'ish. It was a free pattern by Kim Deihl called Evening Stars. I still need to put all the appliqué around the edges. But the dogs approved as soon as I layed it down. From my stash, I only needed to add a few light/dark backgrounds and the border. Everything else was leftover and I STILL have this much left! All appliqués are ready to be glued / stitched down.

So, in between dog sitting for my daughter (white lab) and tending to my other granddog (black lab) who came back to live with me in California. My summer vacation will not be boring at all. Every time I leave, Roxy (white lab) finds something to chew up. She's only 1 year old and is twice the size of Lolli who is about 10. Oh joy, wish me luck!