Monday, January 5, 2015


Do you remember a couple years ago when mark's dad passed away, he brought home 2 boxes of shirts and asked if I could make home like, 5 quilts!! Really! 5?.. One for each sibling and then some.. So I washed, which they needed. Oh my goodness!!!! Some got a washing 2x's.. And cut up... Took me for-ev-er! They are worse than jackets... All those seams, stains, pockets, buttons... Yuck!
Anyways... I made 3... I was done... I was over it..

Thank gosh I ran out of background fabric..I put all the leftover squares back in the box and never thought of it again.. Oh yes... Every time I moved that box, the guilt... Eesh!
So I saw a pattern online, from Geoffsmom pattern co. And ran with it.
I pulled ALL the pre made squares that were left over, out... Spread them out.. Way too big..I chopped them into a 4"sq rather than 8-9, whatever they were.

Started on outside row, which I know know was wrong now, the hard way, which sometimes I always do...and created my own pattern..

So there it is, the 4th quilt, last quilt, I say that now.. Because look at STILL what is left..

I am going to put them in a bag now, hide them so good I will never see them again..
Because, really... It's crazy...
Now... I better get quilting... Yuck, again!

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