Friday, January 9, 2015


I finally quilted 5 of my smaller projects and 1 of the bigger quilts. That's in addition to doing 3 wool sample projects for the new Primitive Gatherings shop that's opening in Murrieta shortly. Just in time... Work starts back in Monday.😞
I saw this little, handy dandy, useful, good to know hint on a fellow bloggers blog.

Wind your binding on a bigger spool, place it on the machine and whoa-la!
No more throwing it over your shoulder, or getting tangled within your feet, mine even would get tangled in the wheels of my chair.
No more... It's perfect..
I even wind my ribbon on spools now. Everything is neat and pretty now.
The search is on for wooden spools now!


Angie said...

Love this tip! :)

momtofatdogs said...

I put mine on a toilet roll & slip it over my thread stand, but this looks BETTER!