Sunday, March 21, 2010

Molly and McGee

Well... if you haven't heard about Molly, you will now. Molly and McGee are 2 barn owls that have taken to a owl box in San Marcos, CA. Molly has laid 5 eggs, and the first owlette was born today at lunch time. MAX is his name. I can't find a bigger picture of her, sorry. This is the coolest broadcast. They show everything live as it happens. There is a day camere and a night camera. The night camera is black and white and the day camera is color. At night, Molly calls McGee and he brings her food. She downed a rabbit, gopher and a rat the other day. WHOLE!!Yesterday he brought her another rat. Can't wait till tonight when he sees his first little owlette. I wonder how he will react!?? tune in and watch her, it's simply amazing!!! They hit 1 million views by lunch time today and as I write this blog, over 10,000 people are viewing it live!

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momtofatdogs said...

How cool is that? That is such a beautiful animal.

We get owls sitting on the fence in the yard - right around dusk. The dogs don't bother them anymore.

But the worst bird I've suffered this winter has been TURKEYS - I think they nested in a brush pile behind our yard - has drove the dogs nuts for 3 months.