Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday night and baby boy quilt

This was from a Friday night class. Had an extra day in between quilting for friends, sooo I did it up real quick. Marian told me that this one is called "French Garden" and not the last one I did. I have no idea what the last quilt is called then. Oh well. I think this one is going to the other gal that is retiring this year.
****quilt is called Easier by the Dozen (cuz' it took 12 1/2 yd cuts)****

I sewed this up real quick last night for someone at work who has a new grand baby boy! His FIRST one! We have worked together since forever and our daughters were in college at the same time and both involved in sports also. So his grandson is here visiting from Colorado and this is for him. Colors are better inperson than in the picture. Picture makes it look icky, it's not. It's really cute. I hope they like it.


HRH Gigi said...

Will you be there Friday night? Its been so long, looking forward to seeing you and doing some sewing! I picked Breath of Avignon fabric for this one. I think it will look great.

The Morgans said...

Such pretty quilts Donna! You are so talented! Hope to see you soon!