Sunday, March 14, 2010

busy weekend..

Finished the mini spool sampler. Turned out really cute! Got the pattern from Temecula Quilt Co. 6 others in the pattern book, better get busy! They are all just as cute!

The girls came to visit yesterday... stayed the night also! While they were recovering from a full day of playing Mark and I went to see Tim Conway's show at Pechanga. We went with our neighbor's Glen and Maureen, good show! Brought back a lot of memories of the Carol Burnett Show!

Had the day off of work on Friday and finished quilting this baby up. "French Garden" is her pattern name and she is quite big! Bigger then I remembered. There are 2 gals at work who are retiring this year and I beleive this is going to be for one of them. I have till June to finish another.

Oh well, the girls are calling me.. never a dull moment when they are here. Play a little and then I have to take them home. Mark is at Steven's house and they are working on a little project. Under the staircase at his house is an empty spot, he wants to turn it into a wine cellar type thing!. Then he's making US dinner. He is quite the cook! Mama taught him well!!

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