Saturday, July 18, 2009


Woke up yesterday morning to see this out my back yard.
Which ended up being the Canyon Lake shopping center. 8 business'- gone! Pffft!! In almost an hour.

Kelly is in Los Angeles now watchong Harry Potter at the Academy. She leaves tomorrow, then we won't see her till Christmas.

Southern California quilt runs ends tomorrow, but today was my last day to help the girls out. I spend sooo much money there! Found this kit, LOVE IT!! It looks brighter than what it is, they are more Civil War colors, the darker browny kind, not sure how to explain it. I also got backing for about 4 more quilts I have sitting under the table that are just waiting ever so patiently to get quilted. I'll be busy. I have 2 more jobs, possibly 3.

Here's the back yard all prettied up. I won't show you the grass I killed by over fertilizing it. But the pool water and the dogs don't help it all either. It just turns to a mud puddle after awhile. I want the artificial grass sooo bad. I have 4 estimates, but just have a hard time trying to find $3,000!!!
Anyways... thats about all that's happening here. Monday I think will be back to normal. Kelly's gone and Mark goes back to work. I have the house to myself! Yahooooo! I can finish the quilt I have on the rack thats mine and start a new one. By the way... it was 112 degrees here today!! I did my yard work at 8:00 at night, And still had sweat pouring down my back. Also... anyone know how to add pictures as you type?? Every time I added a new picture it put it at the top of the page. I had to write my post backwards today and add all the pictures before I even typed anything. ! Stupid thing!

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momtofatdogs said...

No suggestions on the photos thing because I'd like to know too.

I bought a 108" wide backing for $6.50 per yard on Saturday. i was thrilled. Try Whittles, on line. You can call them too. I can personally vouch for their honesty & integrity. Great folks.

I couldn't even work part time in a fabric shop. My stash is already too big, and I KNOW I couldn't NOT buy fabric.