Friday, December 30, 2016

Last one..

I promise... at least for a while till it quilted. I ran outside and took the photo just as it started to rain. You can see the drops on it along with all the threads I didn't have time to pick off. I didn't even have time to iron it..
I had extra background fabric so I used that on outside border so I didn't have to go and buy anymore red. The first border and corner stones I used primitive Gatherings Muslim 1040...I think it will look fabulous when it's all quilted. Even the blocks I improvised look wonderful. 
Here's a tip... I have an ironing board that I re-covered in printed black fabric. When filling my iron it overflowed and it got all wet,( the ironing board) so as I'm ironing  the border pieces, I layed the border piece on top of the damp spot  thinking extra steam from the back would help... it did but also left black bleeding spots from cover onto the border fabric.. oops! SO.... if you are one that makes your own ironing board covers..... you need to pre-wash fabrics before you making the cover.. lesson learned!

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