Sunday, December 11, 2016

En Provence part 3...

Here are all the purple 4 patches... all 168 +
I tell ya, Bonnie Hunter's technique and tips she tells us has made my squares perfect! Right on! I sure hope this is all we have to do with purple because I used every bit I had. Just like the majesty color in part 2. Not a bit to spare. 
            So, on another note... last week my long arm quilter texted me and told me that my quilt was ready.. 3 of 3. I had picked up the 1st 2, 2 weeks ago. Why the delay in between, not sure. I brought all 3 at the same time, saw her write them in her book 1 right after another. She also told me when I dropped them off they would be ready Nov 3rd.  And I remember that because it was within days of me getting back from Houston and I was hoping I still had money left to pay for them. I made arrangements a week ago that I would be there in the morning on Sunday, today. Good thing I texted her and told her I was on my way.. she wrote back and said... won't be there.. sorry. WHAT? Good thing I hadn't gotten on the freeway yet, the drive is an hour and half away. Alrighty.. I guess a week won't make much difference, she's had them 5 months already.. I think it's time to start looking for  a new long arm quilter. When I picked up the other 2, I had told her that I had a couple more and if she could put me on the schedule.. she says she's 6 months out this time.. eek... whatever... I definitely need someone else. 

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