Sunday, September 6, 2015

Saturday outing....

Dragged the hubby down to Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens yesterday. Fed the goats, wandered the gardens...

I didn't take very many pictures... I was in awe of the entire surrounding. I've been there before and I just love it. Came home with a couple of treasures... My hummingbirds got a new feeder..

 a plant and some fresh flowers, sunflowers. We were the 1st ones through the gate. About 15 mins later I was amazed at all the people there... Come to find out, they had a 40% sale on the patio. I got some deals, but then I wonder what all I missed because there was a line already checking out before I discovered the sale. Darn!

Then we took the scenic route home... De Luz Rd.... Holy Moly... When I hear there's a fire in De Luz... I now, truly, know what is burning! I never knew all those hills were back there. 
Went to Primitive Gatherings, I always treat Mark to lunch after dragging hm around on my wild adventures...lunch, and then home to play in the dirt.
It was a fun day.

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