Monday, September 14, 2015

San Diego quilt show...

Last Saturday Marie, Ann & I took the train down to San Diego convention center. We left out of Oceanside and 1 hr later we were there. No traffic, no worries.. Laughed and told stories the whole way. We decided that we are going to use this way of transportation more often. We are going to make day trips to go to lunch. Seaport Vilłage, Encinitas... Any place. The train made like 8 stops along the way and each stop looked wonderful.
Anyways... The quilt show was wonderful. Quilts were great, vendors were awesome..
I saw the quilt I did awhile ago and decided I want to make another.
Here is mine, done in reds...

But I am in love with it done in tans, black.
So, back on the wish list it goes. As soon as I finish Winter Wonderland, I'm going to do it. I'll have it for next Christmas for sure. 

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