Monday, February 10, 2014


It was a busy weekend....
Mark had a head cold... And if any of you have a husband you know what I'm talking about! Geesh!
I finished up a couple of projects that needed finishing.. These 2 blocks were leftovers from primitive gatherings BOM... I framed them up like I did the other 12.
I must have made 2 purchases online, (free) because I had 2 extra blocks.

Then I bought these cute little battery operated candles at Pieced with Love booth at Hemet Quilt Show. Came home, and mark built the boxes and frames (even being sick)There are 2, I painted 1 red, and 1 blue..there are little wreath type things that go on top... Just have to find them. Candles are cool... On a timer..On for 8 for 16 I think it is. Or it could be 6 & 18. And they are battery operated!!

He even cut the tin stars out for me. But even being sick, he did come home and make this stuff for me without me asking... But man I paid for it afterwards..

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