Monday, February 17, 2014

Baby gift...

This week were having a baby shower for one of the girls at work. She is due April 8th... MY BIRTHDAY! Hope she waits till then, but this pregnancy has been a challenge since day 1... So we will see. Here's a picture of the quilt top before it was finished...

She's having a girl... We hope... For the first 2 months, dr's told her it was a boy!
Looks kinda weird's draped over a chair... It's washed here also, so it's all crinkly... Love that part!

Put the fuzzies on the back... Made it super soft!!

She almost didn't get it because the machine was being a ***********...
Did 1 1/2 rows... Thread broke 6x's... Could have been more, lost track...Took the whole thing off... Un did the whole thing... Let it sat for 1 week staring at it every day.. Then I decided to take the batting out and try it... Bingo!! Only broke 2x's..
I'll tell you later what the issue was, is, or at least what my husband thinks it is..

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