Thursday, November 28, 2013

Time for Thanks...

Today is the day you sit back and realize just how lucky we all are and to thank the mighty stars...

Found a couple of pictures of Steven as a wee little one. He had me look for these yesterday.Thankful he has a wonderful life with Ronna and my 2 gran-doggies.. Whom I miss oh so much!

Couldn't find an old picture of Kelly so here she is playing in the snow. Thankful she has a 2nd family in Texas to take care of her. She is with them in Red River New Mexico this weekend.

I am such a lucky girl... I have a wonderful husband to take of me, Kelly, Steven and Ronna...a wonderful house..warm bed I can sit here and write this blog, and for so many more things that could fill up pages and pages.
Wishing family, friends, near and far... A Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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