Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm making something SUPER cute!!! It's my first attempt at something like this ..and I'm liking it. I've embroidered lots of other things.. Shirts, blankets, towels, quilt labels...Things like that, but I'm trying to use my machine more.

A little counting book. It's so stinking cute!!

Isn't it cute?

I still have to clean them up before I sew them together. I have quite a few left to do, but ran into a road block. My little machine is not cooperating with the download. It's a Bernina deco. Just a little guy, but it's done good so far.
Going to visit Sewing machines Plus on Monday... So, we'll see....

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momtofatdogs said...

Those ARE cute Donna! Google "hoopsisters" - I bought 2 CD's off ebay for those. 1 is the Double Wedding Ring & the other is the Storm At Sea. They are all done in the embroidery machine. What size is your hoop & do you have any kind of "program" for embroidery that is independent from your sewing machine?