Thursday, March 29, 2012

Super, Duper, CUTE!

Took out fabric from my stash, now mind you , I dont have much. 1 dresser drawer and its about 3/4 full and made this super, duper, cute quilt front. But gets better! I made not 1, BUT 2!!! I have to now go and see if I can figure out something for the back without going and buying fabric. I just LOVE it!! When its all done and quilted, I am thinking about tea staining it just a smidgen. The panel in the middle... I tea stained it, because all I had was like a bright beige and it was too bright. So I toned it down just a bit.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

little wall hanging...

Made this little wall hanging today. I am going to hang it in my library over my big dictionary that sits on its own little table. I took the pictures at 9:00 at night so you really cant see the true colors. Why is it, I dont think of these things until its too late.

2 more done...

 This is the pink baby blankie quilted with the minkie on the back. When I did it... I made sure the stretchy went from side to side and not up and down. And I also did not use the clips on the side when I quilted it. (that's for you Mariealena..:)) Turned out perfect...
 Now I am ready for a grand baby boy or grand baby girl! :) I did the blue one a couple months ago. I have a quilt for each now. Sure wish my kids would get with it!!
 This is another HUGE one..I told myself I wasnt gonna do anymore of them... but as I was making it, it just kept getting bigger, and Bigger..and BIGGER.Mark is holding it, and standing on a bench and it still is almost touching the ground.

Working on the 2nd vintage quilt for my niece... I finally figured the top out... finished sewing it together...boy are my wrists & fingers killing me..(carpel tunnel) Got the feeling back in the fingers after a couple hours. I have to go shopping now for the backing and binding! Darn! Down to the fabric store I go!

Friday, March 9, 2012

1 vintage one down... 1 to go...

If you are Kristen Morgan..don't read any further... exit out and wait to be suprised! I cant wait to share this, it's killing me!
I wrote earlier about finishing 2 quilts for my niece. One is complete and the other, I am still pondering what and how to do to finish it. I so want to give this to her, but she just had this beautiful baby boy and she is not taking little Isaac out and about yet.

Isn't he just the most preciuos thing! He has 2 big sisters that are just as gorgeous...
So... I want to giver her this quilt... and this is what the finished peice looks like.
I made the label on a antique dioley (sp?) It turned out so cute, except for 1 thing, with script font...sometimetimes the letters turn out wonkey! Script sometimes drives me crazy! It says, "handsewn by.." the "h" looks like a "k". so bummed... oh well. I sure hope she likes it! Also, you can barely see it, but the binding is done in like a turquoise/blue  gingam check. LOVE it!!

March 2nd... & I won, I won!!!

Dr. Seuss' Birthday was this week, March 2nd  and I barely survived.... So many to-do's going on at the library. Not sure why everyone wants to read his books on this day!? go figure?! Phew... it has been a very LONGGGGG week.
I had never seen the Dr.Seuss panel done up like this before, and I thought it was the cutest thing. Found this picture on . I just may have to make this one up!
Speaking of fabtalk... this is connected to . I enter their shop hop every month, we'll at least since December. I love it... In the mail today, I received 4 different 1 yard pieces of material. Yahoo!
kinda hard to see, but there are 2 whites and 2 tans... love it! Gonna have to go make something. (as soon as the dogs go home)