Friday, March 9, 2012

1 vintage one down... 1 to go...

If you are Kristen Morgan..don't read any further... exit out and wait to be suprised! I cant wait to share this, it's killing me!
I wrote earlier about finishing 2 quilts for my niece. One is complete and the other, I am still pondering what and how to do to finish it. I so want to give this to her, but she just had this beautiful baby boy and she is not taking little Isaac out and about yet.

Isn't he just the most preciuos thing! He has 2 big sisters that are just as gorgeous...
So... I want to giver her this quilt... and this is what the finished peice looks like.
I made the label on a antique dioley (sp?) It turned out so cute, except for 1 thing, with script font...sometimetimes the letters turn out wonkey! Script sometimes drives me crazy! It says, "handsewn by.." the "h" looks like a "k". so bummed... oh well. I sure hope she likes it! Also, you can barely see it, but the binding is done in like a turquoise/blue  gingam check. LOVE it!!

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