Thursday, March 29, 2012

Super, Duper, CUTE!

Took out fabric from my stash, now mind you , I dont have much. 1 dresser drawer and its about 3/4 full and made this super, duper, cute quilt front. But gets better! I made not 1, BUT 2!!! I have to now go and see if I can figure out something for the back without going and buying fabric. I just LOVE it!! When its all done and quilted, I am thinking about tea staining it just a smidgen. The panel in the middle... I tea stained it, because all I had was like a bright beige and it was too bright. So I toned it down just a bit.

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momtofatdogs said...

Your stash consists of ONE drawer? I can't say that. It would be a bald faced lie. stash is horrendous. Terrible. Un-Controllable. I think I am an addict. 1 drawer? Really? I am humbled. I am being serious. You do so much and I would have never thought there would be just one drawer. Just my Christmas prints take up a full plastic tote.