Saturday, January 29, 2011

fabric postcard...

 Rec'd this in the mail today... it's a postcard made from fabric!! On the front are these cute cut out hearts with embroidery all around them.
 I learned how to make these the other night at a class the Cottage was offering. This was the sample we made that night, and just for kicks and giggles I wanted to mail it to me to see how ruined it would get in delivery.
 We bought these little panel backs...put the front and the back together with stabilizer in the middle. Cute little edge border all the way around.. and Ta-Da!!...they are the cutest things...I expected it to be in bad shape when I got it and I was surprised at what good shape it was in when I pulled it out of the mailbox.


Katie M. said...

I was in a post card swap a few years ago and we sent the card without envelopes, My post office loved seeing all the cards I got and sent out. They told they missed seeing them once the swap was over.

Mia's Cottage said...

Katie.. I LOVE that idea!!
Postcard swap!! Love it!!

flynda said...

What a cute Valentine's Day idea!