Sunday, January 30, 2011

cute idea!!

This is a cute idea that came from
Vintage Button Bookmark
You'll need...
embroidery floss 
optional: tassel, charm

Sort through your button box to find enough buttons to create a bookmark the length you want. When lined up edge to edge, it should be between 6" and 8" long. For this project, flat ones work the best. Lace the floss through two holes of each button so they will lay flat. Tie ends to secure the buttons and add a tassel or charm at one end, if you like.
Have a special button that really stands out? Sew it onto a length of silky ribbon for an easy twist on this bookmark.
What's better than making these sweet bookmarks for girlfriends? Inviting those same girlfriends over for a "crafternoon" of course! Get together on Valentine's Day or any day...everyone can bring their favorite supplies and a creative idea or two to share.
Be sure to stop by the blog later this week for a yummy treat to make and enjoy with your crafty friends!

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