Tuesday, December 14, 2010

pillows anyone...

Here are a few pillows that I have made or that have been made for me. Holly Days I made for a gift exchange at work tomorrow. Kinda like a last minute thing.. had to be "Christmassy" , I had NO idea what to buy. So I made that to give with a "Hollyday" recipe book I bought.
This is 1 of 2 that was made from an old table cloth I bought at a quilt show.
Marian made this from her "Granny's" old chenille bedspread.. I think that is what she called her. (sorry if I got it wrong Mare). Check out the stocking in the background.. there are 2, I made those also.. :)
Front one was just made from fabrics I had laying around and the back one is the 2nd one I made from the table cloth I mentioned above. This one has a fabric flower and no ruffle.
Marian made this also... I just love it! It sits on my bed, but it didn't look very pretty there for the picture.

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