Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas tree...

One of our schools had a fundraiser and was selling Christmas trees. They were cut one day and delivered the next straight from Oregon. We were all waiting anxiously for 10:00 on Saturday to come. It came and went... 3 hrs went by... we are still waiting... FINALLY... the truck showed up!
You could really smell these trees from a block away! Haven't had a fresh tree in a long time... It's been soo long, I couldn't find the tree stand! Had to go buy a new one!Those suckers are expensive!!!!! I have a fake one that I just love! Has lights already in it.
So there she stands, the bare, naked tree waiting to be decorated. 6' noble fir.. Better go and see if I even still have any white lights... I may be on my way to Target.

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SoCalTexan said...

Decorate that sucker and take a pic! Can't wait to see it in 11 days!!!