Tuesday, November 23, 2010

uh oh....

This is NOT how your fridge is supose look the day before Thanksgiving. I have had some bad luck lately when it has come to service people.
Weeks ago, I had told my hubby, the milk is not very cold. Taste fine to me, you're imagining it. OK, whatever. Last Tuesday he tells me to call the service man. Hmmm, I guess I was right! If he would have listened to me then, I would not have an empty fridge the day before Thanksgiving! Every day it kept getting warmer and warmer. Things were starting to go bad, and the when it hit 62 degrees, I had to toss everything! I was stood up by the Maytag man 2x's, Saturday and Monday! He finally shows today, and guess what... they have to order parts! Gee-whiz... I saw that coming a mile away!
I guess there is a part that tells the freezer to automatically defrost and that went bad. So I had to empty the freezer and defrost it. Everything was emptied out into coolers and put in the back yard, where it is freezing right now.
We have a itty-bitty drink fridge in the back yard also and that is where Tom the Turkey sits. I have to go shopping late Weds night and hopefully after we kinda- sorta fixed the fridge temporarily, I can keep stuff in it for at least 24 hrs.

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