Monday, November 8, 2010

old quilts..

The quilt above was made by Mark's Grandma (on his Mom's side). There are 2 of them. They are like duvet covers, they had old, old rotten blankets on the inside. Pulled those suckers out before they even made it into the house.
This quilt was made by Mark's other Grandma (Dad's side). They are both made by machine. The red one is out of heavy , really heavy material with a heavy bright blue sheet on the back. Yuck! It has never been washed. They are oooldd. I have been with Mark 30 years, come this 2011 and they had been gone long before that. His Dad gave it to us when we went to visit a couple of years ago. The one I want is a wedding ring quilt that she made but he is not giving that one up yet. Maybe someday! He is like 95 years old! He still hopes to use it one day he says!

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