Monday, October 25, 2010

there she is..

..............................................Isn't she grand!
I have this old, old sewing machine cabinet. Like an antique thing. My other machine sat right on top of it. My sweetie of a husband built it into the top, made it flush all the way through!
Then, because I am a short little shit, he built a stand for my feet, so I can reach the pedal without using my tippee toes and that way I can use the free hand system on the machine also. Marian taught me to use my left foot to sew and my right leg for the FHS. He totally had to re construct this piece of furniture so this machine would fit in. Thanks honey! Got it Saturday, still haven't used it though... I guess I still have the guilt thing going on for buying such an expensive machine. But it sure is nice to have all the options instead of 1 straight stitch only!

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