Thursday, October 28, 2010


After looking and looking, and LOOKING! I went through ALL of my blogs like 5 times, I have no idea how I missed it each time. But here is the info if you live in Calif and are interested. I found it on Lindsay's blog. . Here is what she posted on her blog.

Attention Los Angeles area residents!

I received an email yesterday from a casting producer at TLC, and they are casting for a new couples home makeover show called “Our House.” Do you fit this description? If so, send them an email today! I’d LOVE if one of you was cast on this show (and would totally expect you to give me credit, live on camera. Ha!).


The TLC network is looking for fun, outgoing couples who live together in the Los Angeles area for their new home makeover show “Our House.”

The concept: We give you $25,000 and three weeks to do whatever you want to your home’s interior. You can re-floor, re-furnish, break down walls, install extreme fixtures and make it your dream house! And you have to do it all YOURSELF! (with a little help from your friends and the occasional plumber).

We’re looking for married couples, dating couples, new home owners, long-time residents, couples who are strapped for cash and couples who just need a change. Whatever your story — as long as you own your house and want TLC to pay you to re-invent it — we want to hear from you!

Please send an email to with both of your names and ages, a phone number, your house’s location, photos of you both and a brief explanation of why you want to makeover your home.



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SoCalTexan said...

Why would you do a texas version? Is there something I need to know...