Saturday, May 18, 2019


It’s been a while, I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff.
My machine was acting up... took it in for service, still not 100%. I believe it’s the table now... not level. I have to move it back and forth when I use it so I think it’s screwing the leveling up.
I quilted 5 more charity quilts up. They were given to me sewn up and boy oh BOY! These geriatric people in the guild sure can sew up UGLY quilts. I would be embarrassed if I was giving them away. I am going to suggest that they have some restrictions on making them... it’s a lot of wasted time quilting up something that looks and smells so horrible. 
Sewed these pillows up tonight.
They have an invisible zipper. Zippers and I do not get a long, but these were easy after I did the first one. I mixed up the backing pieces on of them.. oh well. I have extra pieces of fabric so I’m going to make smaller ones. These are 24” and there going on my bed I think.

There is a tutorial on Lisa Bongean’s blog post on how to sew them up. 

2 more baby quilts were made for the girls at Kelly’s work. The lady bug one was requested with specific colors. 

Escrow closes on Wednesday, and we have our final walk through also...but they are renting back for a couple weeks. So, maybe June we will be in. 
I have bought an enormous amount of furniture in the last week... due to the fact that we sold 90% of our furniture when we moved here to Texas.
There is still more to buy, but I have to get some measurements on Wednesday before I can do any more.

Then there is this guy... momma did a great job on posing him on his quilt I made him. Alright.. it’s after 10:00 at night and I am pooped! G’night y’all!

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Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I know what you mean about ugly quilts from geriatrics! it was appalling to see some of the block of the months that would be turned in when I was in a guild. Just because they are charity quilts does not mean it is ok for them to be ugly and low quality!