Sunday, August 14, 2016


As John John says...
We were driving to lunch, and Kelly sees this power wheels tractor stuck in a front yard, in some bushes. It's all over grown, dead cars out front.. You get the picture. "Stop the car, she yells". Go up and see if they want to get rid of it. No, I say. I am NOT going up to the door. We are in Hemet for gosh sakes! Aunt Margie, 84 yrs old, is just laughing at us. 
So we ate, and then she INSISTS I drive by that house again. We drove  by 3 times before I could see it in hiding. Aunt Margie never saw it till it was in the car. She told me again to stop & she'd go up. Holy cripes! I do another couple of drive by's before I get the nerve up to stop. So, I park car where I could see her every second, my phone in my hand ready to call 911 if needed, hahha... She does her speel and walks away... But then crosses the yard and picks up the power wheels. Holy cripes again! She talked him into GIVING it to us!
He said it didn't work anymore.. Ya, I can see why. Do we REALLY want it? Hmmm.. Where can we dump it I'm thinking..
We took it home, showed Mark, he said he'd look at it.
He worked on it yesterday while I was away playing, and this is what looks like now.
Everything works now! John John will be so excited this weekend when he comes.


paulette said...

WOW!! Looks like brand new! I bought a seat-on digger for $5 for our little guy and he loves it! Not as fancy as yours but Mason loves it...and I'm sure not going to show him yours!! haha SCORE!!

Audrey said...

what a FIND!!