Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Christmas in July....

It's a finish..
It's called Fresh Cut Pines, and it's from a book called Winter Wonderland by Sherri Falls.
I had himmed and hawed (sp?) too long in this one. I fell in love when I first saw this made up, and took too long to get my butt in gear and decide to order the quilt kit, I just loved the fabrics they used so I wanted a kit. Searched for like a week to find a store that still had one and ordered it. Got it in the mail and they had substituted 3/4 of the fabrics. Tell me I wasn't pissed off! I wrote her a sternly worded letter because she showed all the fabrics I was looking for but sent me different and no notice what so ever. Just sorry, she said and that was all. Grrrr. 
So another week was spent trying to find the correct fabrics that I liked. So this quilt cost me double in price actually.
I just love the backing also. All the fabrics are Holly's Tree Farm collection by Sweetwater which is by Moda. It measures about 59x79 approx which is perfect to snuggle up on the couch with.


SewBadJuju said...

Love love love this quilt. Love the backing as well! Where's you end up finding the fabric? I might need some for my stash!
Thank you!

paulette said...

Beautiful quilt that can be show-cased all Winter long! Love it!