Sunday, May 29, 2016

1/2 way there...

A boy and his tractor...Started this for the grand baby... For his birthday. He turns 2 in early August. 
It's a Counted Quilts Pattern. By, Lisa Muilenburg. Comes in 3 sizes which I thought was pretty neat. 
Had to get a jump start on it because he will be here in a week to stay for a month. And I can't work on it while he's here.. I will never get it back if he sees it. I need it done before end of July. 
On the bottom, I am going to spell out his name using the Primitive Gatherings pattern. I think also, those come in different sizes too. Someone told me that but I haven't open the pattern up yet to check. If not, I will enlarge them because it says "mini" alphabet quilt on it. But... 42 1/2" isn't really mini.
Then I have to frame it out & almost sure I am putting minky on the back. Depends on if I find the perfect color for it. So that means I have to order it.. Then I still have to quilt it too. That's why I had to get started early. My summer vacation is gonna fly by with a blink of an eye and it hasn't even begun yet.


terry said...

FYI... Please go to Lisa's pattern corrections before starting alphabet quilt. There are a few cutting corrections. Ask me how I know. I've made three alphabet quilts for grandkids kindergarten teachers.


Mia's Cottage said...

OMG Terry... Thank you!

Gretchen Weaver said...

I've have this pattern and the fabric, just need to make the quilt. DIL #2 choose a different quilt for her baby boy due in August. Maybe DIL #1 December baby will be a boy and he can have the quilt. I am also going to make the quilt green but embroider the numbers 42/40 on it so it matches one of our tractors. Blessings, Gretchen