Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Over the rainbow....
As I was out doing all my running around, this rainbow stopped me in my tracks.
Then I went home and finished this one up.

It is a Kim Deihl pattern. Used some of my  collection of homespuns and still have a bunch left. I made the back up with 10" blocks all pieced together. It could be a pattern on both sides. Machine stitched the appliqué on, my fingers can't hold the needle for very long these days.
Went digging in my bin for things to sew and found out I had 2 of these. Red Door Designs. Gotta love em'.
I clipped one on here, and put the other in a frame.
I guess I thought it was really cute and bought it twice. Haha.  It's tiny, 3 1/2x5 at the most. 

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moosecraft said...

Beautiful Kim Diehl quilt and love these little Red Door designs! Cute ways to display them too!