Monday, March 14, 2016

Camp Pendleton.....

This is a Rusty Crow quilt shop pattern. It measures roughly 62x70. This is Camp Pendleton. 
It was a really easy pattern to follow and put together until you piece the borders, then it all went to hell!   
As I read through it all, it seemed good, until I didn't have enough pieces for some squares. I had to go and calculate it over. Yuck! Then I thought maybe there were some corrections to the pattern, I searched and searched and searched! NOTHING! I even emailed Shawn York, the designer. She never,  ever responded to my email. That alone ticked me off. I waited 3 days and then I just wanted this stupid thing done.
So, I was 32 pieces short to start with. Then she had DOUBLED the amount of blocks needed that shouldn't have been. She called for 16 C units, I only needed 8. I was glad I caught that before I made them.
Once I figured all that out, I put blocks together. She had nice colored pages to make sure you put it together right, BUT...... She has 1 diagram displayed out wrong! I had to UNSEW 56 seams! I was really pretty pissed off by now!
Then when trimming, she says to trim to 6". If I did that... I wouldn't have 1/4 seem at corner of my units.
Then finally.... She says to put sides on, ok. Then top and bottom. It is not long enough. Shoot! I was not gonna take the borders off and figure anything else out. I was done! There is an extra 2 1/2" piece on each side of top and bottom borders. Once it's quilted, you will never know I pieced it all together. 
Not sure if she miss calculated the # of blocks or what... But I'm over it and it's done! PHEW!

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Tanya Quilts in CO said...

How terrible! I will be sure to avoid those patterns, but the quilt is lovely.