Monday, January 4, 2016


Has anyone been participating in Bonnie Hunter's Mystery sew along?  She has a fun blog also, Quiltville. I am on my iPad, otherwise I would put a link in so you could just click but I haven't figured how to do it. Every Friday, for the past 6 weeks she posted a clue on putting together a quilt called Allietare. She was inspired to create it on a trip she took to Tuscany. She is amazing... To dream, create, write, publish a quilt from just a vision... Unbelievable! And in just a short amount of time.
I had been keeping up, I knew if I got behind I would never finish... On Friday she posted the big reveal. Just gorgeous .. It is now going into the room of "needs to be quilted" and it will have scalloped edges. I just have to make a note because I will forget. I have outgrown the 'basket' of needs to be quilted.. I just moved them to another room. If my machine would work more than not work and stop giving me troubles, I could maybe get some quilted up.
She measures, 82x96.. She's not small by any means


FabricandFlowers said...

It's gorgeous! I'm still on clue 5 but steadily working so it WILL get done. I love this pattern. I thought it was very easy to do. Congrats on a beautiful new quilt!

Marie said...

Beautiful! I just love the colours - they are perfect for that design. I've been watching other quilters put their clues together and trying to figure out what the end result might be.