Sunday, August 16, 2015

UFO kit...completed

I received this kit many, many years ago from my sweet sister. Years got away from me and couldn't believe the fabric was dated 2009! Unbelievable quilt, but boy, was it way over my head. I set it aside....for years.. Looked at it every now and then, put it back. Did that quite a few times. Finally I got the courage to start it last weekend. 

It is called Pacific Rim Quilt. It is using RJR fabrics, and the collection is by the wonderful Jinny Beyer. Pattern is by Debbie Beaves. It measures about 61x61"
As I was about almost done and things weren't quite laying flat and measuring up as they were supposed to be...I then realized I should have checked to see if there were any pattern corrections. Although I couldn't find any listed, there must be some somewhere because between my husband and  I, we could not put this thing together as easy as it should have been. 
It needs a good pressing, but I couldn't look at it any more. It was late, I was tired. So, I made the backing and did the binding...magic binding at that! And put it upstairs to be quilted.
Crazy how spectacular it is...
And the binding...can't tell the color, but it matched the quilt perfect with an accent of the green.
On to the the next project now...

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Jacqueline said...

It looks flat and well matched in your photo's. It is spectacular.