Sunday, August 23, 2015

B & N laundry...

I found, through a friend, the most amazing natural laundry room items in the world! They are all natural and chemical to use if anyone in your family has alergies of any kind. It's perfect for babies also. 
The little canister holds my "lemon " soap. Just 1 itty bitty scoop full does a full load, and if the load is extra dirty... Add another scoop full.. There are 3 different scents, with 1 being plain.. Love them all, but lemon is my fav. That little stain stick... OMG! It gets out everything I've tried. Get it wet, rub it on, and BAM! Has a piece of wool on bottom that acts like a scrubber also. The creator of these item has twins and she swears by them.
No more dryer sheets... The 100% wool dryer balls are the best. Throw them in your dryer, they fluff, get the wrinkles out, and now more dryer sheets. Does like 100 loads...when they start to unravel you know it's time to replace.  I was getting like oil spots on my sheets sometimes from them.(dryer sheets) really making me mad, because they were BRAND new sheets too!
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She is becoming quite popular these days. You will find her items in Ross depot stores  I think also. She's made it in Goodhousekeeping magazine, and has made it on a TV show also I heard. And best of all...... She is like 15 mins away from my house!

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