Wednesday, April 15, 2015


From around March 29th.. Blog press has not been working on my iPad. I uninstalled, re installed and no luck. Tonight has been the furthest I have got to work with it. I have a couple posts stuck in my draft folder and every time I click on them to even look, the whole program shuts down. A lot has been happening in last 3 weeks so I think I will just have to skip to the present.
So I will just post a quick picture of 1 of the many things I have finished up.

Welllll.... Maybe not! I click on the camera and nothing happens....
Not sure, but maybe my little ol'blog has come to an end..
I'll have to check out and see what programs everyone else is using.
I'll keep working on it. It's not recognizing my photo album.

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Huckleberry stitches said...

I was having the same problems with my iPad and had to use chrome can download it from the play store. Now I don't have any issues at all with my blog.