Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finished up a few things a couple of weeks ago, but have been on overload at work to post. This is the 'round and round ' pattern by thimble blossoms. It's a horrible picture because you really can't see what pretty colors they are. I did them in christmas colors. I made it bigger by adding a couple strips on middle here and there so i could use it as a blanket on my bed at Christmas time. It's like 82x87. Something like that. I'm going to finish the edges with scallops.

This next one was a freebie from jeni's blog from the willow. She started off really good with blocks like once a week. It was awesome. Then she got side tracked and didn't post for months. I kept up until then. Once she stopped, I stopped. I was over it! So this is a minature version of hers. It's short like 5 blocks. There are like 5 others I couldn't make fit equally so they didn't make it in quilt.

Now those are both off to the next pile of waiting to be quilted. I actually am in the middle of quilting one. Till my back started acting up!

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