Monday, June 23, 2014

Side tracked...

I had full intentions of finishing up a couple of quilts today. I sat down with my cup of tea this am, checked my emails, Instagram, Facebook, then started on my little ol' blogs.. Oops ! Big mistake. I got almost to the end, Temecula quilt Co. And read about a summer quilt along she's doing.
SPOOLS! Oh my! I love spools.

8 hrs later... I still have to connect all these babies... And it's not easy. There tiny! They finish at 2 1/4". What the hell was I thinking! 100 blocks at 2 1/4" aack!
And this is only the ends.... I already sewed the middles together.

Each set makes 3 blocks and it really takes like 5 mins to sew a set together. It's time consuming. And the seams DO NOT LINE UP! Grrr. I'm gonna do the best that can be done and not worry about it. This will take me the rest of the night.
Not really sure I like these small quilts.

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Tanya Quilts in CO said...

I restrained myself from doing that one because they were so small. I am not a fan of miniatures. Good luck!