Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First day of summer...

Today and tomm I took the day off, to start summer early. I was limited on what I could and could not do at work because of new carpeting being installed... Soo..... I took these 2 days off because if I didn't, I would be doing other peoples work. I am all up for helping others out at work, but when I do my own work in a timely manner and others can't and I help them at it ALL year long and it's kinda expected..... I'm done! Early summer break for me. They can figure it out.
So, I met my good friend Marie at the Temecula Farmers Market and we did a little shopping.... We got some yummy fresh fruit and veggies and I picked up some flowers. Just to perk my bathroom up a little.

Stopped in a new little quilt shop in Downtown Temecula, don't waste your time. Maybe 20 bolts of fabric, if that. I don't even remember the name of it, I really don't need to either. They will not be there for long....not the friendliest at the time we were there either. I would rather travel 20-30 mins further and go to Fallbrook or Vista.
Enjoy your summer!!!!


paulette said...

YIKES!! I thought Temecula was down to it's last quilt shop...CAN'T lose that one too!! Is there another one that I don't know of??

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Such pretty flowers. I love everything that is blooming right now.