Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Part II

Well... I had no intentions of continuing with this quilt but... It was staring at me when I went into the sewing room this morning.
Soo... I took the back, taped it down.. Tried to lay the batting and top on... Tape does not hold, just so you know... I have seen all these pictures of people taping the backs down while putting the batting and top on... Sorry peoples... DOES not work!
So.... After staring at a while again, I gave up. Thought I would just remove all the chalk markings, fold it up and put it in the next pile.
Well..... This chalk that supposedly comes off with water!? I know it rubs off, that's for sure... Well... It didn't come off like the package says.
Soo....stared at it a while again with the spray bottle in my hand... Ummm... One little corner of the red fabric starting bleeding thru. CRAP!
Thought and thought some more... Trash can was looking pretty good about now. Wouldn't be the first or the last time I had thrown a quilt/quilt top away, or given it to goodwill.
So... What the ****. I took it upstairs... Loaded it on the rack... Wound 4 bobbins and let her rip... If I am going to throw it away... I'm gonna see if it is really gone turn pink on me when I wash it!
Listened to the machine moaning and groaning, creaking all the way... 5 hours later AGAIN.... She was done... Thread only broke 3x's... But I noticed there is more than a handful of skipped stitches. What's all that about?? I put a new needle in, new thread... Superior thread... Invested in some GOOD thread at the last quilt show... And it still acts up... Bout ready to get rid of this machine...
Took it off, went down stairs, put the binding on... (Cut it all last night.. )I did the sew on binding... LOVE that binding! An hour later... It's finished.
Here it is now..

Can you see all the pink lines??? Let's see if they wash out!

As of 4:10, Wednesday it's in the washer.... I'll let you know tomm how it turned out!

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