Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gadget kinda day...

Yep... I pulled em all out for this project...
Finished my red & white quilt... Marked the WHOLE thing for quilting because I thought I would be smart and quilt it on the bernina.... Put my walking foot on the machine...Hmmm. What the heck was I thinking. I probably could have done/finished it, if...... The Fabric would not have gathered in the back. No way of fixing it either. I even laid the whole thing out and spray basted it. Grrrr.. No way to fix it except.. Yep.. You guessed it... Ripped the WHOLE thing out... I was, oh probably 80% done.. Well, I was 5 hrs into stitching..

Have you ever seen one of these rippers... Well... It's wonderful! Battery operated seam ripper... Bought it at Road to California one year..Sewed 5 hrs... Ripped it all out in 1 ! And I didn't tear the fabric once!
Then.. This little guy below...He's a seam ripper too. Except he has a rubber butt! You just rub his rear end along all those loose threads and wa-lah!! They all scooch to the the side.. Love it!

Soo.... It's going on the other machine someday... That machine has been acting up the last couple of times I used it, so we'll see. There are 3 others waiting in line to get quilted too. I may send them out... (Mark will never know)

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