Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Getting ready...

I have been prepping projects getting read for a "sew in day" at Linda's.
she is providing a wonderful home to sew, food, I hope,(just kidding), & she says electricity. We are to bring any projects we want to work on and stay from 9-5! WhooHoo!
So, after Marie and I went on a mini field trip to Temecula, I came home and worked on this. I asked for this for Christmas.. Thanks Steven & Ronna.

I had always, always, used steam a seam 2 or steam a seam light.

Now... My good friend Andrina hooked me up with this stuff..

It's the bomb! I bought mine at Fat Quarters in Vista. It comes on a HUGE roll and you buy it by the yard.

And here she is...it's not small, it measures over 40" long!
Then.... They gave this wonderful piece of wool for the back...

I think I am going to save this for another project, it is a really nice piece of wool, and us something else for backing... No ones really gonna see the back, right?
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momtofatdogs said...

No, noone will see the back. I would be cautious to put RED on the back anyway. If it's not prewashed to heck & back, it MIGHT transfer color to your walls. Especially if you have any texture to your walls.


Mia's Cottage said...

Good point M!! Would have never thought of that!