Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Challenge....Happy Town...

Entered my first quilt challenge. Quilts for Kids/ Henry Glass had a quilt challenge.
Must use 80% of "Happy Town" fabric, and few other requirements.
All quilts will be donated and given to a hospitalized child, but the top 3 that are chosen will be displayed in the Henry Glass Both at Quilt Market in Portland, OR. Plus, 1st prize... $500.00 smack-a-Roos!, and 2nd place is $250.00 smack-a-Roos ! Bonus!!

I created it all by myself!!! I figured all the #s out only made a few errors!!

I used a street panel for middle, and made a little bag of little cars for them to play with on the panel.

-binding had to be machine sewn on, and this was a first for me. Let me tell you..... DO NOT waste your money on buying a binding attachment for our machine!!! I borrowed one, and lets just say it is not my friend anymore. I had a really, REALLY cute striped border I cut on the bias... And had to tear it ALL off and toss it.

I thought it was pretty darn cute! I hope I win... That would just make my day!
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