Monday, April 30, 2012

Julian.... Corgi's Castle...

 Quilting weekend with this girls this past weekend... It was BEAUTIFUL!!! We ventured off to Julian this time around.. Top picture was the view we woke up to every morning..
 We had a backyard full of chickens and the most gorgeous flowers... Iris'. sweet peas, lilacs...fruit trees, vegtables, cows and deer in the pasture below us. Even a wild turkey strutted past us  in the front yard.
 Hard to work with such  beautiful scenery all around us, but we did.. I finished this quilt top.. made a bag that carries my iron and then opens up and I can even iron on it. Then worked  little on my Farmers Wife blocks.. I have just 8 more to go, then I can start putting it all together.
We even made a little day trip to Main street, just to see what was going on out there..

Fun weekend was had by all!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

blocks 5 & 6...

Pumpkin BOM blocks...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Block of the week....

Primitive Gatherings has released her new" Block of the week". Never heard of a block of the week before, but I absolutely LOVE it!!
This is what she had to say on her blog...
Here is the info as I know it today…The blocks will be 10″, my Wool & Needle Flannels will be the backgrounds and setting and borders…three will be used in the quilt. There will be 12 blocks, 6 setting blocks and a simple border. The quilt will finish somewhere around 52×66…i will guarantee it will not be this exact size so no planning on this…this is the ONLY info I know right now and what is below….
If you sign up for the Summer BOW…you are agreeing to receive 12 blocks. The first block will be $25 and will include all the flannel for the 12 blocks. Weeks 2-12 will be $12.50. (I so wanted to keep it at $10 but cannot do it this year. Sorry and I hope this doesn’t change your mind. I have never raised my wool prices in my store since opening it in 2003, and I think I will be forced to do it this year.)
My inspiration for this years BOW comes from a picture of an antique quilt that I have had hanging around for a long time in my inspiration file… it’s time to recreate this and do my thing to it…as I was stitching the block last night I was thinking…i really want this look old and folky…like a pioneer woman made it…she didn’t have enough green so she used a little blue…she didn’t have any thicker thread to do wool appliqué with so she unraveled a burlap sack and used that to blanket stitch around the wool appliqués…you get it?. This quilt will be simple, folky, fun and will not take a bunch of different threads…I have used only 3 threads on the first block and will keep it very minimal…like on the prairie…not much available.
If you sign up you are only committing to the 12 blocks…the setting and borders will be offered as an option. I am guessing it will cost around $75 for the finishing for the setting blocks, setting triangles and simple border…remember this is a guess and I have not finished this quilt, but re-designing in my head… it is an option so you don’t have to commit to that yet…
Please don’t think about this long as we have ordered all of the flannel in Moda’s warehouse of this particular print and what they have on order is all coming to us in May. There will be no more until July or so…if you want to get “in” this year…don’t hesitate…we are limited to less than we had last year…unless you are willing to wait almost all summer for your background to come in?
Now to start planning the “freebies”…this will be a complete surprise…but they are always fun to get! The same rules apply this year for the freebies…if you come and pick up your block each week or have it mailed each week you get that weeks “free” block…if you don’t pick it up…you don’t get it free…it will cost you $$$ if you want it…just a little added fun for you all…
We will start signing up today!!!

I had to call and sign up because its not available on her website yet..Can't wait!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Grandma's Flower Garden"..done!....

Again... if you are Kristen Morgan... don't read any further... Wait to be surprised!
"Grandma's Flower Garden" quilt is finished!!

 Boy was this a challenge for me.. took me, ohh say 8+ hrs to work on just fixing, putting together, sewing just the top together! another full Saturday of quilting it....
 then I would say, 5 hrs of researching HOW to do the binding, then once I figured it out... add another 15+ hours to sew the binding on... PHEWW!!
 Here is the label that went on the back... I took one of the flower blocks that didn't match that was left over in the bag, and embroidered the label on it.
And that be the hexagon quilt! Not sure one of these will ever be on my "to do " list.. That is alot of work, and I didnt even make the majority of the quilt. I just fixed/finished like 5 blocks Can you imagine just how many hours she (Nona) put in hand sewing this together! I think it turned out beautiful. I sure hope you like both of these quilts as much as I do Kristen! :) xoxox

Friday, April 13, 2012


 This is what was waiting for me when I came into work this week. Textbooks for the school new year. About 3 pallets of textbooks! They were so kind to leave me a little 2 ft. walkway to move around behind my counter to work! There is also another smaller pile at the end of the counter that came about a week before. Yahoo!!
So... I get to move, count, sort, pile, distribute all 3,000 pds of books...not once but maybe twice! Once here at this school, then if I am lucky enough to get the new school.. then there also! I should be about 10 pds lighter by June!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Got to go to Texas for a couple of days to visit with Kelly. Picture above was the house I had to stay in! DARN! "the cabin" as she calls it, was the best place I have ever stayed in! I enjoyed my visit so much... I just may have to go back very soon! She's one lucky girl to be able to live there and enjoy it every day!

Here she is doing her coaching.. Miss "head" Softball coach! They lost that game and are now tied for first place.

This is the view looking out the front door. Way back out there is a runway that the planes use quite a bit.
"Big Red" made an appearance a couple of times. Here its just park on the front lawn because it was fogged in on Saturday morning and couldnt fly.
Thank you again  Kelly for driving me all around the towns in search of antique and quilt stores.
And Kim thank you too for for picking me up at the airport and entertaining me when Kel was working. Your house is awesome and I enjoyed myself very much!

Monday, April 2, 2012

binding, binding, binding....

Enough binding here for 3 quilts! My fingers are in for a workout!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

sneak peek....

Here is a sneak peek of the 2nd vintage quilt I am working on... Now I just have to go on the internet and get a lesson on how to bind a hexagon quilt! I am sure you have to cut the material on the bias. I am also sure there is a trick to doing it. I have already pulled a good portion of my hair out at this step of the game. And the gray... well.... alot more has come in since I started this quilt!