Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Got to go to Texas for a couple of days to visit with Kelly. Picture above was the house I had to stay in! DARN! "the cabin" as she calls it, was the best place I have ever stayed in! I enjoyed my visit so much... I just may have to go back very soon! She's one lucky girl to be able to live there and enjoy it every day!

Here she is doing her coaching.. Miss "head" Softball coach! They lost that game and are now tied for first place.

This is the view looking out the front door. Way back out there is a runway that the planes use quite a bit.
"Big Red" made an appearance a couple of times. Here its just park on the front lawn because it was fogged in on Saturday morning and couldnt fly.
Thank you again  Kelly for driving me all around the towns in search of antique and quilt stores.
And Kim thank you too for for picking me up at the airport and entertaining me when Kel was working. Your house is awesome and I enjoyed myself very much!

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