Sunday, August 19, 2012

New vacuum....

Splurged and bought myself a vacuum.... I have NEVER in my life, got to pick out my own vacuum. In the past, my dad has always just brought one home whether we needed it or not. My vacuum that we had was just ok... Probably... 10 years old...I think it spit out more dirt behind it then picking the stuff up.
Anyways... I have had my eye on a Dyson... Kohl's has them... $499.00 (eek)the middle model... Top model is $700.00 ouch! I would haved loved to have this one..way too much $$.
Last week they were on sale like 70.00 off... I had a 20% off coupon, plus I waited for them to give the Kohl's dollars out.. 10.00 for every 50.00 you spend.. Cha-Ching!
I scored!!

This baby works like a champ!!! I don't think I will EVER not own a Dyson vacuum again.
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