Monday, August 13, 2012

Good intentions...

The front of this quilt turned out cute... Colors... Really not my choice, but someone might like it. It really is a BRIGHT BRIGHT green even though the picture doesn't show it. I even took the picture outside to get the full effect, and still can't see it. Ordered the panels.. Thinking they were ALOT bigger than they were.. I was soooo excited when I found them online...didn't even think to read the sizes...I was thinking like double the size. NOT... Teenie weenie they were..

The back ..not so much as I tried to center it on the backing.. Of course I was way off and then it shifted.. Then as much as I LOVE pieced backing...I am not thrilled with this at all.
So, it really is a useless quilt.. Too small for a lap quilt..a little too big to the color... No one would want this hanging in their house... guess it could be a car quilt... Or even the dog may want to lay on it.

But the label on it is the best..

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